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Take the Next Step Into Your Future

Welcome to Tarot Therapy!

Are you ready to gain insight into your life? Let your worries fall by the wayside and let me help you take a deeper dive into what is going on in your life. The services I offer allow customers to feel safe, protected, and empowered.

Let’s get started! 


My name is Morgan Alexander

As a native to my higher calling, my intuition has been my guide in life. It has introduced me to so much insight. Not only in my life, but others lives around me. As an empath, I am able to step out of my own shoes and be able to feel what everyone else is feeling. I have been able to use this ability to help consult others. My purpose in this lifetime is to spread love and light. I find comfort in knowing that all that I’ve crossed paths with, I get to meet in every lifetime.

Services Offered

Free Pendulum Reading
with Each Session

Times of readings are general estimates. These general estimated times may vary on a customer by customer basis and availability. No reading will exceed the maximum estimated time if there is another booking in the next scheduled time slot. Exceeding scheduled time slots is only available on a customer by customer basis. 

Legal Disclaimer

All Tarot Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only


Tarot readings are never 100% accurate and are subject to interpretation. Tarot readings should not be taken as complete answers or advice. All tarot readings that I provide are for entertainment purposes only. There are no guarantees of the accuracy of each reading. Tarot readings provided by me should never replace professional legal, medical, financial, business’s opinions or advice. Tarot will never force you to choose a particular course or action and the client is fully responsible for their free will and the decisions they choose to make after each reading. Tarot readings are not legally binding nor am I responsible or liable for any negative results, losses, damages, or any other consequences of any decisions made by the client. I implore all clients to use their best judgment at all times. Readings will only take place with the understanding and acceptance of this legal disclaimer. 



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Thanks for submitting!

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